TMS is the industry leader in providing enterprise-wide solutions for On-Demand Signage.  Our solutions are proven and designed to increase sales, market share, brand awareness and control.

Our knowledge and experience provides our client base with full confidence in our ability to help analyze a business model, develop a plan, and implement a strategy to improve on an existing Point of Sale messaging process.  The result is measurable in the following areas:

o Reduce overall POS production cost and waste.
o Waste factor on digital POS is approximately 2% vs. 40-50% for preprinted material.
  Improve brand control and consistency. 
o Digital media distribution and printing assures proper brand use.
  Increase effectiveness of POS messages by up to 2-3X .
o Custom POS messages can increase uplift from 13% to 28% according to market studies.
  Shortening production cycles- Just-In-Time Marketing.
o Digital output is ready in minutes vs. days - gaining an advantage over the competition.
o Case studies show On-Demand Signage can improve market share significantly.

System Overview
Our solutions can be integrated with existing operations or as a new production environment.  A typical system consists of a design/print workstation, tabloid size printer, large format printer and finishing equipment.  Our staff will develop a system to meet your specifications for templates, logo usage and image libraries to retain message consistency throughout all the components of you POS marketing materials. We provide “Proof of Concept” programs along with full technical support to ensure mutual success.  

Content Security 
Templates and artwork are stored on a secured site with password access and protection.  Additionally, the content can be created and controlled by corporate in-house marketing departments, ad agencies, or by our design staff.  New artwork is simply uploaded to the main system allowing all registered users to gain access.

Brand Control
If your company needs a specific look and feel to retain your brand control, we offer services to support your goal.  We color calibrate and profile all our media to ensure that your brand remains in tact across all of our systems and output devices.

Enterprise System Connectivity
Customized linking of existing inventory databases is easily accomplished using a simple to use field mapping feature.  This provides users at corporate and local regions to automate their sign output requirements based on inventory levels, special purchases or seasonal promotions.  

POS Request/Reporting/Tracking Software
Our mobile app and software solutions streamline the process of requesting signage and/or permanent POS as well as tracking and reporting cost and location of assets. These modules can be utilized individually or as a front-to-back configuration for maximum benefit providing full accountability and cost control measures. Clients can select their own criteria and set parameters to create a more efficient and cost effective environment to manage their POS requests and reporting analytics.

TMS works closely with our manufacturing partners to negotiate special pricing on behalf of our key corporate accounts. We have several sales representatives to handle the inflow of orders and help troubleshoot media application issues. We also employ five highly qualified technicians who handle phone support and maintenance on all the equipment and software we sell.  

Proven Experience
TMS has a proven track record of success as a systems integrator for over thirty years. We are the only solutions provider offering the entire spectrum of services and support in this industry. Many of our clients, including Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Meijer, Walgreens and more, have realized the advantages of a true “Single-Source-Supplier.” TMS manages the entire process from start to finish for all our clientele providing full confidence in the goal of mutual success.